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If you’re from the neighboring provinces of Manila, and your work is based in Quezon City, Greenhills Garden Square Condominium is perfect for you. It’s located in the center of everything you may possibly need in the bustling metropolis. What more, the units are affordable and can be purchased on installment basis with easy monthly amortizations.

The facilities and amenities are sufficient for a small family and for working professionals, who are single. Sharing your resources with a friend may be a good idea. There are venues for swimming, aerobics, early morning jogs and workouts. In case you want more expansive venues, there are a variety of nearby establishments that may fit your purpose.

There are no large open spaces with lush plants, but since the condo has enough altitude, the natural air from up there compensates for the fresh air that should have come from plants. Nonetheless, the smaller open space available on the ground is optimally used to cultivate an assortment of trees, fronds and flowers. This lends a natural ambiance to the condo dwellers.

Considering the advantages of owning a condo unit, it would be a smart choice for you to purchase one now, as prices would keep spiraling up as years go by. You can always resell the unit, or rent it out, when you are assigned to another place of work. By then, you would be earning a handsome profit from your investment.

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