Greenhills Garden Square - AMENITIES

The facilities and amenities of this residential area start with its excellent security system. The highly-trained guards are on duty 24/7. They patrol the area regularly to double check that everything is in order. The perimeter is walled and secured too to prevent the entry of unauthorized persons. Some units have their own security features to further ensure their family’s safety. Although, this process may be exaggerated, it’s their privilege to add the fixtures that they wanted to their own abodes.

The condo has a nice and clean swimming pool that residents can use whenever they want to take a refreshing dip. A cozy and exquisitely manicured garden is available for residents, who want to stay outdoors for some fresh air. Also, the palm-tree lined promenade is a soothing sight for tired eyes.

A fitness center is available for homeowners who want to stay healthy and trim. There are superb exercise-machines that you may want to try to keep those muscles sinewy. Going there with your older kids would be a good idea as exercising often has beneficial effects on your health. It would also be a significant time to strengthen your family bonds. The younger ones can drop by for some ice cream and snacks at the nearby café or ice cream parlor.

Water and electricity supply are adequate, as the units allow the maximum use of natural light and air. You can save energy and reduce your daily consumption of electricity. Aside from cost-cutting, this setup is also conducive to healthy living. You can breathe more of fresh air and be exposed to natural light. Incidentally, natural light helps in the production of Vitamin D.

Each unit is ergonomically constructed in such a way that it provides more space to navigate in and accommodate more furniture. Additionally, you can design the place yourself with whatever motif you prefer. The space is sufficient for a starting family of four, or less. It’s ideal for these small families and for working professionals as it’s at the center of major commercial establishments, and near transportation terminals. Walking can then be an option.

  • 24-hour Security
  • Pets Allowed
  • Clubhouse
  • Gym
  • Playground
  • Basketball Court
  • Swimming Pool
  • Social Hall
  • Theatre Room
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